6 Fixes for “Cable Not Connected” Acer Monitor Error

6 Fixes for “Cable Not Connected” Acer Monitor Error

It is frustrating to see errors popping up on the computer screen. Well, we realize not everyone is tech savvy to diagnose the issue in minutes. And thus, we bring you to-the-point tech guides to help you with your every tech-related question. 

This article will discuss the “cable not connected” Acer monitor error. Trust us; you are not the only one who is facing this weird problem. Acer monitors are notorious for these kinds of minor complications. However, with this guide, you’ll be able to solve it immediately. 

Here are 6 top reasons for the “cable not connected” Acer monitor error and their solutions. 

Let’s dive in!

6 Reasons and Solutions for “Cable Not Connected” Acer Monitor Error

The cable not connected error could be a fault of hardware or software. And we will mention both below. 

However, understand that this error is due to a loose connection between the cable and the monitor. Therefore, make sure that your line is attached correctly. 

Sometimes, the leading and straightforward reason is a loose wire or faulty AC power supply. In that case, replace your connecting cable or power supply. 

If it’s not the issue, take a look at the following reasons:

1- Trouble With the Monitor

Another primary reason for the error is the problem with your computer monitor. The monitor sometimes fails to pick up the signal or troubleshoot properly. 

The monitor issue is usually random and not predictable. However, the solution to this is also pretty straightforward. 


If your monitor is the cause of the error, all you need to do is restart the computer. 

First, disconnect all the cables and peripherals attached to the screen. Hold the power button for almost 30 seconds to completely turn it off. 

Wait 5-10 minutes (take a stroll, have some juice and come back!) and then plug everything into the monitor again.

Press the power button to turn it on and let it load. 

Hopefully, your monitor will have a display by now. If you don’t get lucky, consider other reasons in the guide. 

2- Inappropriate Output Configuration

The cable not connected error can also occur if your monitor is connected to the motherboard instead of the graphics card. 

You might need a context to it, so let’s understand this in detail:

There are two types of graphic cards in the computer

1- Integrated Graphic Card (graphics on chip/mobo)

This card is directly integrated into the motherboard. It is used to perform the basic graphic processing needed for the computer to work.

2- Discrete Graphics Card (the video card) 

The discrete card is installed in addition to the integrated card. It performs advanced video functions beyond the one seated on the motherboard. 

So, one of the possible reasons for the error is that the configuration is set to the integrated card and not the discrete/video card. 

Don’t worry; you can quickly fix it. Here is how


Change the settings to eliminate the cable not connected Acer monitor error occurring due to the wrong configuration. 

The video output configuration in the computer is, by default, set to “Auto IGFX.” Therefore, you need to choose the discrete option in the settings manually. 

Go to the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings of your Acer Monitor to disable the integrated graphics altogether. You can find this setting in the integrated or embedded peripherals or the advanced settings option. Choose “discrete” instead of “Auto IGFX,” and it’ll sort you. 

Note: You can enter the BIOS settings of the Acer monitor with the F2 button on your keyboard!

3- Improper Seating of the Graphics Card

If you have checked your settings and the error persists, it can be that your graphics card is not seated correctly. 

Improper seating means that the card is not fitted in the PC chassis. Therefore, it might have trouble receiving and sending signals from and to the monitor. The problem can involve the wrong card installment or non-compatibility with the motherboard. 

Try to fix this issue with the following method


First, check if your graphics card is compatible with the motherboard. Then, unplug the card from your PC system and reinstall it. Make sure that the card is pushed all the way into the slot. 

If you are new to PC installation, it is advisable to take the help of an expert. 

4- Faulty/ Damaged Cable

Apart from the PC system, the cable not connected Acer monitor error can result from faulty wires. 

If the cable is damaged, it won’t be able to develop a secure connection with the monitor. Hence, the error will occur. 


Attach another monitor with the same cable to check if the cable is the real culprit. If the error remains, this means the cord is damaged. Replace your current cable with a new one.

However, if changing the monitor eradicates the error, your monitor might be the cause (read about the output port in the following reason). 

5- Faulty/Damaged Display Output Port

The display output port on the motherboard/discrete video card can become damaged, causing the error. 

The connection can be broken by anything hindering the port or physically damaging the outer side. 

If the port is damaged, it will not send display signals to the computer, and you will see the error.


The damaged output port can be replaced, thus removing the cable not connected error. However, it is a tricky process. 

We suggest that you do not attempt to replace the port at home. Instead, take your PC to a reliable repair shop and take the help of an expert. 

6- Faulty/Damaged Display Input Port

Similar to the output port, the monitor’s input port can also get damaged. The lack of input connection will show the error. 


You can apply the exact solution for this reason, as mentioned above. Please take it to a repair shop and let them examine your PC. 

Remember: Before taking your PC for repair, ensure the port is the cause, not GPU. 

To confirm, connect the cable to the motherboard. If the display shows, your GPU is not working, and the hardware is fine. 

What if the Problem Persists?

If you have explored all the reasons mentioned above and solutions, but the problem persists, contact Acer support. 

A customer support agent will be better able to diagnose the issue and suggest the appropriate solution. 

Also, if your Acer monitor is still under warranty, we suggest you do not try to open up your system. Instead, please take it to your nearest Acer store to claim the warranty. 


“Cable Not Connected” Acer Monitor Error is typical in the PC system. There could be several reasons for it. 

The main reasons for this error are trouble with the monitor, inappropriate output configuration, incorrect seating of the graphic card, a faulty cable, and damaged output or input port. 

You can utilize this guide for the removal of errors due to these reasons. However, if the problem persists, you should contact Acer support or take it to the store to repair it in warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why is Acer Monitor showing the “Cable Not Connected” Error?

The error can be due to random trouble with the monitor. Also, the error shows up if the connection is made to the wrong graphics card or the card is not seated correctly. 

You should also check for damaged hardware as a possible cause of the error. 

2- How to change the Acer monitor’s output configuration of the graphics card?

To change the output configuration, go to the BIOS settings in your Acer monitor. Then, look for the option of integrated or embedded peripherals. You can disable the Auto IGFX (mobo/integrated card) from there. 

You can also manually choose the discrete card option to switch to the video card display. 

3- How can I connect the cable to the Acer monitor?

Take an HDMI cable and connect one end to the port on the CPU. You can find it near VGA or DVI connections. 

Then, connect the other end to the Acer monitor port. It is located on the back case of the desktop and either side of a laptop.

4- How do I check if the error is due to a software or hardware problem?

To confirm if the cause of the error is your hardware or software, connect another monitor to your PC. If the error vanishes, then your monitor is at fault. If it persists, then try changing the configuration of the graphics card. 

5- What is the first step for the “Cable Not Connected” Acer Monitor Error?

Check all the connections and cables if you encounter a “cable not connected” error. Usually, the wires are loose or damaged, and thus, signals are broken. 

If the cables are securely attached, try restarting your monitor. The error mostly goes when you turn it on again. 

Other than this, you can check for inappropriate configuration, incorrect card seating or faulty ports.   


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