6 Signs to Replace Your Laptop Battery

May 25, 2023
6 Signs to Replace Your Laptop Battery

Laptops are known for their portable features, and if you have a good battery left on your laptop, then viola! You can complete many tasks or entertain yourself while binge-watching something on Netflix or playing a game. 

But if your laptop Battery doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours then it might be a sign to replace your laptop Battery. 

In this article. We will dive deep into the signs to replace your laptop battery and how to replace it. We will be also discussing how to make your laptop battery last longer.

So lets get started!

To understand average battery life and lifespan, you need to understand battery cycles. 

What is Battery Cycle?

what is battery cycle?
What is battery cycle?

Laptop batteries are not meant to last forever hence they lose the ability to hold a charge. This means they can only be charged and discharged for a certain amount of times.

When the battery discharge from 100% to 0% it counts as one cycle. And on average lifespan the laptop battery can have 700-1000 cycles only.

Thats why batteries need a replacement from time to time.  

What is Average Laptop Battery Life?

Now you understood the battery cycle, the question is what is the average battery life of the laptop?

This factor depends on how long the laptop was in use. Also sometimes the manufacturers don’t provide an adequate battery that matches the system’s price tag. It’s very imperative to do the research before buying a device. 

A good battery should work for 7-8 hours before going down.

Vist our Complete Guide on What is Average Laptop Battery Life?

What is Average Laptop Battery Lifespan?

Now the next question is what is the average Battery Lifespan?

We know that the Laptop Battery can charge and discharge certain number of times.

Now the Battery Lifespan refers to the period of time that the battery can perform to what it is capable of. After that, the Battery Efficiency start to decline significantly till it no longer holds the charge.

The Average Battery Lifespan depends on how you use and maintain your laptop but on average the battery lifespan is like 3-5 years with 700-1000 battery cycles. 

6 Signs to Replace Your Laptop Battery

6 Signs to Replace Your Laptop Battery
6 Signs to Replace Your Laptop Battery

Let’s look at all the signs to replace laptop batteries:

1. The Battery Dies Faster Than Usual

This is one of the most common and obvious reason. The majority of laptops last between 7 and 8 hours. If the laptop hardly works for an hour and shows a lower battery then it’s a red flag.  

2. The Battery Needs Longer to Charge

Your laptop needs more time to charge, or it’s not charging at all. The sound laptop battery charges and it’s strong enough to keep its charge when unplugged from the charger.

If your laptop has started charging at a turtle’s speed or it has completely stopped charging then know that the cause is its battery.

3. The Battery on The Laptop Looks Bloated

If you notice that the keypad area looks a bit puffy or that your battery is cracked, then it means your battery is swollen.

Please avoid using your laptop in such circumstances, as there is a big risk of catching fire. Also, in worst-case scenarios, it can explode.

Take your laptop to the local tech store and get the problem fixed before using it.

4. The Laptop Dies 

Sometimes glitches happen, it’s completely normal. But if the laptop goes dead after a full charge then it’s clear that you have a faulty battery now.

The battery might be faulty if your fully charged laptop turns off suddenly.

5. The Laptop Overheats Frequently.

Normally laptops cool down when they are in use as they hold the ability to release heat. Yet, if you notice that your laptop is hot all the time, then it’s a clear sign that the battery is unable to release the heat.

Plus it’s working way too hard as it’s trying hard to cool down the gadget. The laptop would also become a bit noisy due to this factor. To avoid further damage, turn off your laptop. 

6. The Laptop is Warning You

Nowadays, macOS® and Windows™ inform you when you need to replace your battery. When it alerts you, take your laptop to an expert and get it checked.

Also, if it needs a replacement, check out the warranty on your laptop to see if you can get a free replacement.

7. If Your Laptop Has Aged

You wouldn’t find any laptop on the market that could last eternally. Laptop batteries last for 2-3 years, which is approximately 700–1000 charges.

So if you’re experiencing a malfunction in your device, know that your battery has aged and it needs a replacement.

What To Do When You Need to Replace Your Laptop Battery? 

With the above information, you should know that now or in the near future, you might replace your Laptop Battery. It’s wise to get prepared for it.

Below are some of the to-do points on when you need to replace your battery. 

1- Go to the Authorised Service Centre

Replacing your laptop’s battery will always cost you a lot. It’s an expensive process to maintain your laptop, but in such cases, go to your authorised service centres.

These places make sure that you get an OEM battery or an original one. Batteries can last as long as your previous battery. 

2- Check the warranty on your laptop

When your battery becomes defective or degarded, the first thing you should do is check the warranty on your laptop.

If you are lucky enough and your laptop is still under warranty, you can get your battery replaced for free.

 3- Self-Service (DIY)

Check your laptop and see if the battery is replaceable. If it is, then there is no need to take it to the service centre.

All you need to do is find the correct battery number for your laptop and contact its manufacturer to order a new one.

Check this Video on How to Replace Laptop Battery:

How to Replace Laptop Battery?

What is The Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery?

Replacement of the battery is an expensive process to go about. According to a survey taken in 2022, on average, the replacement of the battery costs $50–$200.

Precisely battery replacement costs depend on the type and brand of your laptop. It’s very obvious that a Macbook’s battery replacement cost is much higher than any other laptop’s battery. 

How Do You Make Your Battery Last Longer? 

The less cycle the laptop battery has, the longer it can perform better.If you want to make your laptop’s battery last longer, then here are some tips to follow:

  1. Keep the charger plugged in when you are using the laptop.
  2. Turn off all the software after using it. If the software is still running in the background, they need more power.
  3. Make sure the optimal Brightness for the screen.

Want more tips? Watch this complete video:

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t replace the laptop battery? 

If you don’t replace your battery, then it will be swollen from the malfunction of the electrolyte, and this could be extremely dangerous.

Does replacing laptop batteries improve performance?

Replacing the damaged battery can improve the performance of your laptop like nothing else.

How does a laptop battery get weak over time?

There are multiple reasons why the laptop’s battery gets weak. You are not using the laptop correctly, running too much software at a time, watching a lot of videos, or turning the screen brightness to the fullest. Also, the more you charge your battery, the sooner it weakens.

Is it fine to use a laptop without a battery?

It’s fine to use your laptops without a battery, but then you will need to plug them in all the time. This means that such a laptop wouldn’t be portable anymore.


There are no laptop batteries that can last forever. Every kind of laptop battery needs a replacement after some time. All you can do is use your laptop properly without running a lot of load in the background so that the battery lasts a lot longer.

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