How Many Cycles Does MacBook Pro Battery Has? Detailed Guide

May 7, 2023
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How Many Cycles Does MacBook Pro Battery Has? Detailed Guide

You invested in a MacBook Pro, so you certainly don’t want the battery issues ruining your day! So you thinking How Many Cycles does MacBook Pro Battery Has?

I remember when I purchased the MacBook Pro and was frequently using it on battery power after every charge.

After a few months, when I start facing issues with the battery. I showed it to my friend and we both were shocked to discover that it has undergone around 800 cycle counts.

You see lack of knowledge can ruin your Macbook and your experience.

That’s why we will cover all the Mac battery stuff in this article, so that you don’t miss anything:

  • Like, How do you find out the battery cycle of your MacBook Pro?
  • How to check the current cycle count of your Mac?
  • And How to optimize the usage for better performance and enhanced lifespan? 

We’ll quickly get into how many cycles for the MacBook Pro battery! So, you can optimize it to bring your battery’s A-game!

Let’s get started!

What is the Battery Cycle?

What is the Battery Cycle?
What is the Battery Cycle?

According to Apple, The MacBook Pro battery goes through a charge cycle whenever you use it on battery. A battery charge cycle happens when you fully discharge and recharge it. However, it doesn’t always happen when you use the battery.

For instance, you could charge your battery entirely after using only half of it. If you repeat this for two days, it will count as one charge cycle. Similarly, it could even take several days to complete one cycle.

The MacBook Pro battery has limited charge cycles, beyond which its performance might deteriorate. Apple recommends replacing batteries beyond this cycle count to maintain performance. Although you can use the battery after the maximum count, you will notice a reduced battery life and performance. 

Do you know that most of the people wrongly caculcate battery cycle by caculating battery from 0% to 100% ?

That is completely wrong because one cycle gets count when you discharge your phone from 100% to 0.

So, how many charge cycles a MacBook Pro battery has? Read below to find out!

How Many Cycles for MacBook Pro Battery?

How Many Cycles for MacBook Pro Battery?
How Many Cycles for MacBook Pro Battery?

The average cycle count for MacBook Pro is closer to 1000. Consider your battery consumed once you reach this limit.

However, this is an estimate, and every battery and its performance in real-time may vary. Remember that one cycle happens when the battery gets completely drained after a full charge.

Most of us don’t let our batteries die entirely before charging them. Therefore, a charge cycle can happen over several days with average usage.

The MacBook Pro holds 80% of the total charging capacity for an estimated 1000 cycle counts. A MacBook Pro battery lasts for 5+ years with moderate usage. Its single charge lasts for 9 to 13 hours.

After exceeding this limit, the battery will not hold a charge for as long as it did when it was new. Sometimes, the performance drop-off is even dramatic. 

Keep reading to find ways to keep your cycle count to a minimum!

What is a Good MacBook Pro Battery Cycle Count?

What is a Good MacBook Pro Battery Cycle Count?
What is a Good MacBook Pro Battery Cycle Count?

If you are buying a used MacBook Pro, battery cycle count is an important parameter to consider. Go for a machine that has the minimum battery cycle count. For instance, getting a cycle count of 50 would be an excellent investment, as it makes up only 5% of the battery’s expected life. 

Less than 300 cycle counts would also be a good investment, as it will still have more than half its lifespan. However, age and usage patterns also affect a battery’s life expectancy, so consider these factors besides the minimum cycle count.

Remember: The battery cycle count of your MacBook Pro indicates its battery’s lifespan and health. The older the battery, the more used cycles, and the lesser the productivity. 

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How to Check the Battery Cycle Count on MacBook Pro?

How to Check the Battery Cycle Count on MacBook Pro?
How to Check the Battery Cycle Count on MacBook Pro?

MacBooks are known for better battery life. However, with increasing cycle counts, even these high-quality batteries decline. With the increasing number of charge cycles, the amount of charge the MacBook battery can hold decreases. For this matter, as a Mac user, you should monitor the battery life. 

P.S.: You can also monitor your battery cycles using tools like CleanMyMac X.

If you are considering investing in a used MacBook Pro, check its cycle count and battery condition. 

Here’s how you can check the battery cycle count of a MacBook Pro:

Step 1- Click on Apple Symbol

The first step is to click on the Apple symbol on the left top bar to your MacBook’s menu bar.

It will open up the menu.

How to check battery cycle on macbook pro step 1

Step 2- Click on About This Mac

Now the menu which was opened in the first step, Look for About This Mac Option and click on it.

How to check battery cycle on macbook pro step 2

Step 3- Select Overview tab and Click on System Report

In the dialog box, Select the “Overview” tab and click on System Report.

How to check battery cycle on macbook pro step 3

Step 4- Look for the Power Option

Now on the left menu look for Power option which will be located under “Hardware” category. Click on the Power Button.

How to check battery cycle on macbook pro step 4

Step 5- Look For Cycle Count

On the right side, you will see that the cycle count is located in the Health Information section.

How to check battery cycle on macbook pro step 5

How Can I Reduce My MacBook Pro Cycle Count?

How Can I Reduce My MacBook Pro Cycle Count?
How Can I Reduce My MacBook Pro Cycle Count?

Although the MacBook Pro has a good battery life, some ways exist to extend its lifespan. 

Therefore, optimize your battery usage so you don’t have to trail the charger to get through the day. 

Below are some ways and tips to extend your Mac’s battery life:

1- Optimize Battery Charging

MacOS is smart as it learns your battery charging habits and keeps the battery from aging unnecessarily. If you keep your Mac plugged in, you must optimize its charging. 

You can do this by clicking Battery from the menu bar. Select Battery Preferences from the drop-down menu. Choose Optimized Battery Charging from the list to slow your charging once your laptop reaches 80%.

2- Optimize Display Brightness

Display power and brightness drain the battery very fast. So, minimize the brightness to a comfortable level for your eyes. Go to Battery Preferences and set the following:

  • Dim the display when using battery power.
  • Shut off the display after a specified period of inactivity.
  • Optimize battery drain while video streaming.

3- Turn off Keyboard Backlights

If you type in the dark, a backlit keyboard comes in handy. However, it puts a drain on your battery. Optimize your keyboard backlights to turn off when the laptop is inactive to save the battery. 

The more you save, the less you charge.

Follow these steps to adjust the setting:

  • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard
  • When the keyboard tab opens, check the option Turn the keyboard backlight off after [X secs/min] of inactivity.

4- Disconnect Bluetooth and Accessories

Disconnect if you aren’t using Bluetooth and other accessories like a flash drive. Especially when moving around with your laptop, keep Bluetooth off so you don’t drain the battery unnecessarily.

5- Keep your Software Updated

Keep your MacOS updated, as it will aid in optimizing your battery life. Go to System Preferences > Software Update to check for any pending updates. 

You can also click on the Advanced Button to check the Automatically keep my Mac up to date box so that the updates get installed automatically.

6- Close Applications That Are Not In Use

Ensure that you close unused applications to avoid battery drain. Press the Command and Q keys simultaneously to quit a program. 

You can also open the Activity Monitor to find out how much energy is being used by a particular application. Open up the Activity Monitor and click on the Energy tab.

How Many Battery Cycles Are Considered Too Much for a Macbook Pro?

How Many Battery Cycles Are Considered Too Much for a Macbook Pro?
How Many Battery Cycles Are Considered Too Much for a Macbook Pro?

Generally, a MacBook Pro battery provides about 1000 complete charge cycles before degrading significantly. A cycle count of around 500 suggests the battery is halfway through its useful lifespan. However, if the MacBook Pro is several years old and has been heavily used, a cycle count of 500 might indicate that the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Note: Factors like the age of your MacBook Pro and the battery’s overall health also affect its performance. 

If you are concerned about your battery’s health and life, use the above ways to find and optimize its current health. 

You can also consult an authorized Apple repair center or an Apple Technician to determine if the battery is worn and needs replacing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after 1000 battery cycles for MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro battery handles around 1000 charge cycles. Apple advises you to consider replacing your battery once it has used up all these cycles. However, the company also claims the Mac battery retains 80% of its original charge capacity after completing 1000 cycles.

The battery will work after crossing its charge cycles, but you might experience low life. That’s why it is better to know the cycle count, particularly if you are purchasing a second-hand MacBook.

2. Is 1000 battery cycle count bad for Macbook Pro?

Yes! A 1000-cycle count means your battery has completed its lifespan and provides bonus juice time if it’s still working. While there might be no significant event when the battery completes its charge cycles, its ability to hold the charge will gradually decrease. You may need a battery replacement. 

Otherwise, you might have to plug it in more often. However, if you are considering buying a MacBook Pro with a 1000-cycle count, know that you must replace the battery and bargain accordingly.

3. Is 250 battery cycles a lot for a MacBook Pro?

No, a 250-cycle count isn’t a lot! It means that the battery is 25% used. A MacBook Pro with a battery cycle of 250 is a decent one. Its battery will indeed have a shorter life than a MacBook with a lower cycle count. 

However, it is worth noting that the cycle count is one of many factors you should consider while buying a MacBook. You must also check the overall device condition, age, and usage.

4. How much is one battery cycle?

One battery cycle is when a rechargeable battery completely discharges after a full charge. You will use a battery cycle whenever you drain your battery entirely after charging it fully. A charge cycle can also be a series of partial drains that eventually add to the total capacity. 


A simple straightforward answer to “How Many Cycles does MacBook Pro Battery Has?” is 1000 cycles. It should last an average of five years before a replacement. 

A single charge lasts an average of 6-7 hours for a MacBook Pro under three years old. After that, the battery life starts to decline. At five years plus, most MacBook Pros can’t hold the charge and must be plugged in most of the time.

Calibration and optimized usage are very helpful in managing the MacBook Pro battery’s cycles, health, and life. 

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